The first ecological battery

30 April, 2019

The Japanese company Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT) has developed an ecological battery that does not damage the environment when it is discarded in the earth thanks to its components of natural origin.

Unlike conventional batteries, which include rare metals that are difficult to recycle or polluting zinc alloys, the new battery is made from components found in fertilizers and natural elements so you can “return to earth” safely, NTT explains in a statement.

and natural elements so you can “return to earth” safely, NTT explains in a statement. they bury fragments of the pile used in the soil of four pots in different proportions (from 0.25 to one gram) and it is shown that they did not adversely affect plant growth. Conventional battery fragments did.

The Japanese telecommunications company will continue investigating to perfect the new stack. Actualmente tiene una capacidad limitada para su comercialización. Sin embargo, se espera que pronto pueda ser una alternativa para mejorar el desecho de la chatarra electronica en Guatemala.

NTT seeks to expand the development of ecological components, in addition to developing biodegradable sensors in the future without damaging the environment.

Source: 20minutos,

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