It has not been easy to become the recycling company we are today; With a professional team in charge of productive, creative and effective processes, with the ability to adapt to the needs of our customers, which meets what we promise and offers the best service in the region.

We must go back to the end of the 90s, when a group of Peruvian entrepreneurs began to recycle metals and materials that in many cases nobody wanted to process.

They begin to make contacts with many of the main companies in the environment, especially related to the use of metals. The beginning was hard and, although they faced many adversities, the entrepreneurs maintained their faith in the business opportunity they saw in recycling.

In the beginning, the company began operations with an old pick up and a small warehouse of 100 m2 located in zone 3 of the capital, collecting non-ferrous metals. Although there were robberies, robberies, scams, etc., the founding partners always had the vision of becoming the most professional recycling company in Guatemala.

In just two years, based on honesty and responsibility in its operations, the company was breaking through and consolidating itself from micro business to small business. This motivated them to move their operations to San Cristóbal for 3 years, and then move on to their current location, in San José Villa Nueva.

Trabajo realizado en 2001
Work done in 2001

Seeing the business opportunities offered by the recycling sector not only in Guatemala, the partners decided to expand operations in other countries of Central America. Until 2008, the recycling group had expanded its operations in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The success began to increase, based on the prompt payment to its customers and honor their commitments in the agreed times.

The company pioneered finding recycling solutions for electronic device circuits, after years of seeking environmentally responsible solutions abroad. Once again, the company found recycling solutions for these materials and others (such as CD’s, ABS / PS plastics, rechargeable batteries, rare iron alloys, etc.), even though they did not offer much economic return in many cases.

After the economic recession of 2008, which greatly affected the recycling market, and also due to the departure of some members of the business group, the board decided to close operations in other countries and strengthen its position in Guatemala, fulfilling the objective initial layout.

After 20 years of innovating in processes, in industrial safety and organizational development, finding new internal and external markets, Scrapex is today the most respectable and innovative recycling company in Guatemala. We have a 1,500 m2 recycling plant, more than 40 specialized collaborators, a professional, responsible and efficient administration that has made us the best recycling option in the whole country.

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